TrueRTA is a program that will analyze the spectrum of any audio input
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TrueRTA is a program that will analyze the spectrum of any audio input. It can detect any audio signal coming through your system’s sound card, such as a microphone, an audio CD, or any other, and display its frequency, dB, and amplitude in a dynamic graphic. You can choose to display the information using bars, waves, or even through an oscilloscope-like representation. You can then print those graphics, or save them into a file for later use.

TrueRTA displays 1/24th octave wide bands spanning the full audio spectrum. It is possible to customize the way in which the information will be displayed - you can choose the scales, the parameters and the ranges you want to test. It is also possible to fix peak holds, which will show in the graphic the maximum value reached for a given frequency.

The program can also generate audio signals in any frequency, ranging from 1 to 22050 Hz. You can tell the program to produce a signal in any amplitude (in dBus). The wave can be set to sine, square, triangle, saw, impulse, pink noise, or white noise.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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